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A Word about Trumpington Meadows Cambridge

If you are a resident on Trumpington Meadows estate you will be aware of the parking restrictions, many companies have now black listed the estate as it appears that tradesmen are not allowed to park outside the customers home, if you do you will get a £100 invoice for parking, all our oven cleans on the site now have a premium attached.
Single Oven Clean £155

Double  Oven Clean £165

Andrew And Selina

About Us

First National Oven Clean Is A Trading Name Of First National Group Ltd

Andrew Fowler is C.E.O of the First National Group, Andrew lives in Barrington in South Cambridgeshire with wife Selina, times have been hard for the company but Andrew says that things will get better as time goes on, the business was on the verge of closing in 2020 and says that he would have pulled the plug if it wasn't for support from his wife Selina, the Company is undergoing a complete overhaul and is expected to start the next financial year 2022/23 with a new financial package to push the company forward.
Andrew says that price rises are inevitable but we will still offer great seasonal deals to our customers, we are making our gift cards available in some shops and other outlets from September 2021, the company acquired another oven cleaning business in Cheltenham Gloucestershire in May 2021, it also acquired a home cleaning business based in Essex around the same time, Andrew said that the company will trade under a number of names enabling it offer other services to its customers, the company also has a small a scale sola business helping householders to reduce their electric bills,  the company will continue to serve its customers in Sussex, Kent, Lincolnshire, Buckinghamshire and London

Our Services

We provide one of the best oven clean service in East Anglia.
Among  our very special customers are  Civic officers, TV presenters, weather Girls and a pop princess too .