Keeping Your Data Safe

We have some Very high profile Customers, we don't collect any personal data from you other than Name, address And Phone Number, we do not sell your information on to any other business or individuals, when we are contracted to work for Celebrities' and other VIPs invoices are generated without the name or phone number of the customer, on some occasions we write the Name on invoices prior to the service date, Contractors and our own staff will never reveille the address of any Celebrity or other VIP, we constantly strive to keep your data safe from scammers and other criminal activity.

You must not use the Companies data in any way without permission, you must not store our logo or company name in paper or digital format without express permission from First National Group Ltd.
Any person, company or PLC that is processing the companies data must obtain a licence from First National Group Ltd, A £5000 fine will be issued to any company found to be processing our data without the express permission of First National Group Ltd

In recent months we have been aware that some companies are illegally passing on our data to third parties, the directors have an obligation to protect the companies data.

A licence to store or use the companies data is available from our head office priced at £2000 per year, customer information is not included as this is protected under article 27 of the GDPR Regulation protocol UK.